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DaVeB0T's News

Posted by DaVeB0T - October 12th, 2008

I still think NG is going straight down the shitter
Something I made in gimp
And Happy BDay Zeebmork u are now old enough to use NG

Last post was too serious

Posted by DaVeB0T - October 9th, 2008

So I joined The Back Alleys, something I've been meaning to do, because it is full of pretty much all the people I respect. Zekey, Rtil, Squeef, Sinitron, and others.

At around 4:00 AM I had a three hour long conversation with RVS. Someone whose work is all off Newgrounds, but used to strive to improve the place like I sometimes do in my rants about over-rated shit and stupid people. I must say, this man laid it down thick. So thick it makes me want to delete my account and leave NG forever.

The admins probably know this man, and probably knows what he has to say better than our garbled conversation, but he is a man who left NG in 2006 for bigger and better things. I thought about summarizing this, but I felt it just wasn't doing it justice.

*Warning: This is a very large block of conversation, and reading it may blow your fucking mind.*
*** rtil sets mode +v on guest78
<guest78> ummm n***a plz
<RVS_Anonymous> parodies are better than original content, newgrounds parodies are gonig to go mainstream
<RVS_Anonymous> n***a? whos a n***a
*** guest78 is now known as davebut
<RVS_Anonymous> ah dave
<davebut> i predicted you
<RVS_Anonymous> cool?
<davebut> mindchamber review banned me like two minutes afte writing the review
<davebut> for 10 fucking days
<RVS_Anonymous> what?
<RVS_Anonymous> its just a review
<RVS_Anonymous> what did you do, link porn?
<davebut> I took a rant on IMDB
<davebut> that was about Get Smart sucking
<RVS_Anonymous> but its just words
<davebut> and posted on parody rangers
<RVS_Anonymous> words cant hurt u
<RVS_Anonymous> see blitz this is why I want to get as far away as possible from those elite fuckers
<davebut> apparently they hurt mindchamber
<davebut> very much
<davebut> he told me to get a hobby
<RVS_Anonymous> didn't you know? all the negative reviews get deleted on site
<RVS_Anonymous> (sight)
<RVS_Anonymous> oh he did, did he?
<RVS_Anonymous> what a douche
<davebut> Lma
<davebut> I have some nice rants
<davebut> on shit like the awesome movies
<davebut> and meetnfuck
<davebut> but I didnt feel like watching the movie
<davebut> or even making a serious review
<WolfBlitz2> well that sucks
<RVS_Anonymous> lol
<davebut> Ill just post with an alt
<RVS_Anonymous> fuck egoraptor
<RVS_Anonymous> and his dad
<davebut> In his ass
<WolfBlitz2> ah the elderly
<WolfBlitz2> http://www.2flashgames.com/f/f-Multicl assing-6512.htm
<RVS_Anonymous> his fuckin dad is a newgrounder
<RVS_Anonymous> and tries to defend ego lol
<davebut> that is just scary
<davebut> unless he is like 11
<RVS_Anonymous> he was on newgrounds war podcast
<davebut> I listedned to the ng war
<davebut> but
<davebut> All the voices seem to blend together for me
<davebut> Only Squeef
<davebut> Youngjazz
<RVS_Anonymous> in the beginning he even says he's ego's dad lol
<davebut> and Swain stuck out
<RVS_Anonymous> I know rtil's voice perfectly
<RVS_Anonymous> he has this subtle cynicism
<WolfBlitz2> have a look at this man!
<davebut> I listened to it three times without breaks
<WolfBlitz2> http://www.2flashgames.com/f/f-Dog-Dev ours-Burrito-6514.htm
<WolfBlitz2> fuck I have never seena do eat so quickly
<WolfBlitz2> dig*
<WolfBlitz2> ah! dog
<davebut> Fuckin d0gis in hell
<RVS_Anonymous> lol
<RVS_Anonymous> so what did you think of the podcast?
<davebut> It was good
<davebut> A bit narrow
<RVS_Anonymous> I think the suggestions were dead on
<RVS_Anonymous> rtil fuckin nailed it, I'm not trying to be nice either, he fuckin nailed it
<WolfBlitz2> where do I find this "podcast" that you speak of?
<davebut> I must say there were plenty of opinions I heard and yet had not seen before
<RVS_Anonymous> rina-chan.newgrounds.com I think
<WolfBlitz2> ah that audio thingy yeah?
<RVS_Anonymous> yesh
<WolfBlitz2> seen it
<WolfBlitz2> I think
<davebut> put on your favorite pair of panties
<RVS_Anonymous> making money off of copyrighted material was nailing it man nailing the problem
<davebut> fuck
<davebut> shrums said that long ago
<davebut> LONG AGO
<RVS_Anonymous> lol fuckin steal sprite movies like alvin-earthworm, put up flash ads, BAM copyrighted movie money makin
<davebut> I should put flash adds in the underdog movie I mad
<davebut> and the fake hentai
<RVS_Anonymous> flash ads are the most idiotic thing in the fuckin world
<davebut> Yea
<RVS_Anonymous> where tom's head is I don't know
<RVS_Anonymous> when I talk to him, he has this stubborn outlook with this "vision"
<davebut> Promote what most artists are against
<davebut> selling out for views
<RVS_Anonymous> oh I didn't mention
<RVS_Anonymous> winning money through contests
<RVS_Anonymous> for metal gear awesome 3 1/3!
<RVS_Anonymous> 200$
<RVS_Anonymous> yay copyrights!
<davebut> Well I admit, no one saw this bright future coming
<RVS_Anonymous> bright? or a clusterfuck?>?
<davebut> thats a good term
<davebut> I would say anarchal
<RVS_Anonymous> I had clusterfucks for breakfast
<RVS_Anonymous> part of a balanced breakfast
<davebut> woohoo new top first in the top 50
<davebut> I stopped paying attention to the top 50 after Madness 6
<WolfBlitz2> I heard the same for weet bix
<WolfBlitz2> and coco pops
<davebut> Shit all went down after madness broke 4.3
*** WolfBlitz2 has quit (Quit: WolfBlitz2)
<RVS_Anonymous> lmao
<davebut> I blame this all on Wade
<davebut> Why not
<RVS_Anonymous> shit went down after queers of war
<davebut> tru
*** guest98 has joined #thebackalleys
*** rtil sets mode +v on guest98
*** guest98 is now known as WolfBlitz2
<RVS_Anonymous> I just wanted an alternative from this bullshit so bad
<WolfBlitz2> bloody internet
<RVS_Anonymous> but no one is fuckin makin it, so wtf oh well make it urself
<davebut> I wonder what 33.3% of users here think newgrounds is better
<davebut> better for trolling sure
<RVS_Anonymous> newgrounds itself is fine
<davebut> users are DUMB
<davebut> DUMB AS HELL
<RVS_Anonymous> there is flaws in the system that allow 12 year olds fuck up the system
<davebut> yea
<davebut> especially when the majority of NG is 12
<RVS_Anonymous> its a combination of little kids and tom's horrible new features like flashads, contests, no extra criteria, fuckin bull
<davebut> I hate the newer review system
<davebut> it just promotes shitty reviewing
<RVS_Anonymous> it used to fuckin be
<RVS_Anonymous> that you could be an ass
<RVS_Anonymous> and hey you had fun
<davebut> All this ergonomics is fucking the system
<RVS_Anonymous> the mods and admins didn't bother u
<RVS_Anonymous> yea ergonomics!
<RVS_Anonymous> fuck ergonomics
<davebut> make it harder to use so we can have our fun
<davebut> I think Tom does not care about NG
<RVS_Anonymous> trust me, I tried to help him out, I tried honestly
<davebut> he obviously cares about the people
<davebut> but not the site
<RVS_Anonymous> he cares about people caring about him
<RVS_Anonymous> wait
<RVS_Anonymous> no you're right
<davebut> he thinks it will fix itself really
<RVS_Anonymous> its not gonna fix itself
<RVS_Anonymous> and when I probed him
<RVS_Anonymous> he said they were lazy and all these things he wanted to put in weren't
<davebut> A fancier layout will weed out the poor users
<RVS_Anonymous> the frontpage shouldn't be elite picked
<RVS_Anonymous> I swear to god it shouldn't
<davebut> like how then
<RVS_Anonymous> oh man tons
<davebut> I agree with artsy stuff getting our own section
<davebut> You can be shit somewheres else
<RVS_Anonymous> the biggest flaw is giving people approval voting power if they vote more
<davebut> It is a good proven gimmick to improve repeat users
<davebut> but
<RVS_Anonymous> so rtil has less approval power compared to inuyasha_55_lover
<davebut> LMAO
<davebut> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> do you see what I mean?
<davebut> its completely pointless
<davebut> for a site that showcases art
<davebut> why do we need power and ratings
<RVS_Anonymous> ad views
<RVS_Anonymous> its all about ad views
<RVS_Anonymous> to keep u voting, keep u watching
<davebut> Its all about the money
<RVS_Anonymous> instead of letting the movie itself show how good it is
<RVS_Anonymous> alllll about the money
<RVS_Anonymous> once tom saw it was making money
<davebut> IUm working on a big video which I got fulp to say he might FP
<davebut> And when He does
<RVS_Anonymous> and I like how the flash ads go through them as the middle man!... bullshit
<davebut> Im filling it with ads
<RVS_Anonymous> haha
<davebut> Like 50 windows on the first frame
<RVS_Anonymous> I know rtil doubts what I'm trying to do, but I gotta prove things can be better than newgrounds
<davebut> I dont have much hope
<RVS_Anonymous> always have hope
<davebut> Its all I can do
<RVS_Anonymous> once I left ng years back
<RVS_Anonymous> I'm tellin ya, it felt great
<RVS_Anonymous> u realize how much you were limited by it
<davebut> whats your ng name
<RVS_Anonymous> RVS
<RVS_Anonymous> all my work is off ng since 2006
<davebut> Does that mean you gave up hope?
<RVS_Anonymous> only in newgrounds
<davebut> In such a world
<RVS_Anonymous> but really give me what problems u see, what suggestions, or shit you wanna see
<davebut> where websites like Ng
<RVS_Anonymous> hm?
<davebut> Such a strong beginning, foundation, and man behind it
<davebut> fall
<davebut> its disappointing really
<RVS_Anonymous> arrogance and no humility and no way to grow
<RVS_Anonymous> no its not disappointing
<RVS_Anonymous> its beautiful
<RVS_Anonymous> it shows that all must rise and fall
<RVS_Anonymous> its time for more people to rise
<davebut> I must say
<RVS_Anonymous> most people say they're making something, never make it, and if you make a site, well you're a "newgrounds" clone to the ngers
<davebut> You are the most optimistic person I know
<davebut> Not even Kottbullar is this optimistic
<RVS_Anonymous> I'm insanely optimistic
<davebut> And he held out hope that the KK could become something bigger than a spam crew full of lazy and untalented artists untill the very end
<davebut> great guy
<RVS_Anonymous> that's why u gotta keep goin
<RVS_Anonymous> keep trying pushing
<davebut> I promise that I will never fall
<RVS_Anonymous> fuckin ego's dad says "well shakespeare died broke therefore don't work hard"
<davebut> even if I bcome really successful
<davebut> Lma
<RVS_Anonymous> I say fuck him, work on something you love and grow out away from fuckers like ng
<davebut> yea
<davebut> I just do what I like
<RVS_Anonymous> I just want a place with enough space for everyone to express themselves
<RVS_Anonymous> there is only strife when there is scarcity
<davebut> I get reviews on my spam asking me to improve so THEY can enjoy it
<davebut> and I refuse
<davebut> why?
<davebut> why cater to someone else
<RVS_Anonymous> I believe wholly that EVERYONE deserves their own newgrounds
<RVS_Anonymous> like rtil has his backalleys
<davebut> This is a quote of the year
<RVS_Anonymous> we all need a place, we need a core place to compete, and a soft place to rest and for fun
<davebut> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> u can see why I'm so pissed at admins yellin at u kids
<davebut> But I guess when such a place gets pulled apart
<davebut> its no fun anymore
<RVS_Anonymous> tom played favorites
<RVS_Anonymous> playing with fire
<davebut> divided and quartered
<davebut> You should write this shit down and throw it at the fan
<davebut> put it on the FP
<davebut> Slam it on the BBS
<RVS_Anonymous> I don't submit to ng
<RVS_Anonymous> they wouldn't listen
<davebut> Who cares
<RVS_Anonymous> I tried this before in 2006
<RVS_Anonymous> defending your rights
<davebut> say what you want
<RVS_Anonymous> i did it before, and I ended up upsetting tom and everyone
<davebut> good
<RVS_Anonymous> I think liljim almost cried
<davebut> I think everyone needs a good slapping
<RVS_Anonymous> I tried man, I tried to help
<RVS_Anonymous> but I'm letting the hammer fall on their bullshit
<RVS_Anonymous> u guys can stay there as long as u like, but I'm working my ass off on another path
<davebut> do you think they will look back
<davebut> and say maybe RVS was right
<RVS_Anonymous> they will look back and think they should've listen to ME
<davebut> or will they say who again?
<RVS_Anonymous> Tom remembered me after years
<RVS_Anonymous> and we only scuffled once in 2006 barely during the queers issue
<RVS_Anonymous> *queers of war
<davebut> it seems the official NG collabs all revolve around Video games
<davebut> Personally
<RVS_Anonymous> the only thing I need is hope and support for something better
<RVS_Anonymous> u gotta bleed that u want something better
<RVS_Anonymous> get angry get mad
<davebut> I may have a discussion from time to time with an average NGer
<davebut> but I like shaking things up
<davebut> I am a troll
<davebut> and it is what I do
<davebut> I am angry I have madness
<davebut> I find it hilarious though
<davebut> anything will pass
<RVS_Anonymous> everything
<RVS_Anonymous> by everyone
<davebut> through the portal
<RVS_Anonymous> regardless of qualirty
<RVS_Anonymous> mmm qualirty
<RVS_Anonymous> fuck "teh portal"
<davebut> I feel like submitting a bunch of gay poorly drawn shit
<RVS_Anonymous> anything that has content management is Tom's "idea"
<RVS_Anonymous> it isn't worth it
<RVS_Anonymous> the thing I did for them is submitting nothing
<davebut> I like it when Tom says that people who insult NG cant see where it is heading
<davebut> I can see where it is heading
<davebut> straight to youtube
<RVS_Anonymous> straight to shit
<RVS_Anonymous> they had their chance
<RVS_Anonymous> man I saw it
<RVS_Anonymous> they had that edge
<RVS_Anonymous> but... they fucked it up
<RVS_Anonymous> yougrounds!
<davebut> Mygrounds
<RVS_Anonymous> newtube!
<davebut> Where you, the viewer, are the one put on a pedestal
<RVS_Anonymous> there is too much to fix
<RVS_Anonymous> I'll say it
<RVS_Anonymous> they would have to redo the entire thing
<RVS_Anonymous> to fix it
<davebut> I agree
<davebut> when people ask how to fix it
<davebut> I say there is no fix
<davebut> I see no fix
<RVS_Anonymous> people got too good for the site
<RVS_Anonymous> used to be animations weren't rtil quality
<davebut> True
<davebut> there is only continuing down this path or derailing it
<RVS_Anonymous> bullet trainwreck
<RVS_Anonymous> bang
<davebut> And there is no way Tom would end NG
<davebut> his life is NG
<RVS_Anonymous> They'll get desperate at the end
<davebut> is there an end>
<RVS_Anonymous> yes
<davebut> is there an end?
<RVS_Anonymous> there's an end
<RVS_Anonymous> the end comes when people leave for somethings better
<RVS_Anonymous> the portal slows to a crawl, where only the elites make stuff for it
<RVS_Anonymous> desperation, giving away money just to submit
<RVS_Anonymous> and yet, are we not seeing this already coming to pass?
<davebut> :)
<RVS_Anonymous> parodies are drowning ng
<davebut> It has been getting worse and worse
<RVS_Anonymous> and yet we wonder how it can get worse
<WolfBlitz2> has Rtil woken yet?
<RVS_Anonymous> iunnononbut..
<davebut> Shit man this is a bit shaking
<davebut> all my rants are temporary fixes
<RVS_Anonymous> if you check newgrounds traffic ranking... its been tanking
<davebut> really?
<RVS_Anonymous> http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traf fic_details/newgrounds.com
<WolfBlitz2> what is shaking?
<RVS_Anonymous> it sure isn't up
<davebut> well that could be school related too
<RVS_Anonymous> check the year
<RVS_Anonymous> click the year tab
<davebut> oooo
<davebut> that hurts
<RVS_Anonymous> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> a lot
<davebut> and now they are giving out more money than ever
<RVS_Anonymous> to get more people
<RVS_Anonymous> they want views, they want it bad
<RVS_Anonymous> if haloween doesn't help
<RVS_Anonymous> they have a big big problem
*** Hammi has joined #thebackalleys
*** rtil sets mode +v on Hammi
<davebut> I wonder
<RVS_Anonymous> hm?
<davebut> Would hey keep all the submissions on NG
<WolfBlitz2> on a hardrive?
<davebut> if it becomes to much to maintain
<RVS_Anonymous> all?
<RVS_Anonymous> you do know
<RVS_Anonymous> that the newgrounds system eventually gets rid of it
<WolfBlitz2> BIG hardrive?
<davebut> it scares me to think of it
<RVS_Anonymous> if a submission is below like 2.9 and its say 6 months later
<RVS_Anonymous> blammed
<RVS_Anonymous> its an automatic killer system
<RVS_Anonymous> and the redesign took away TONS of submissions and deleted them
<Hammi> lovely
<WolfBlitz2> what if it has a trphy?
<RVS_Anonymous> its not a library of flash, its a fuckin hellhole
<WolfBlitz2> trophy*
<RVS_Anonymous> nope...
<RVS_Anonymous> I think its a vote to view ratio combined with time
<davebut> damn
<RVS_Anonymous> I remember seeing wade commenting on it and it's on the site somewhere
<WolfBlitz2> do you think that water lollies will ever get down to that score?
<RVS_Anonymous> nah
<RVS_Anonymous> they keep the stuff like that
<davebut> There goes piconjo
<RVS_Anonymous> so IT APPEARS like everyone's stuff is there
<WolfBlitz2> because it is in a collection?
<RVS_Anonymous> collections save it
<RVS_Anonymous> I believe
<WolfBlitz2> man... there is so much behind NG that I never thought of
<RVS_Anonymous> lol u thought the portal kept everything after it passed? lol...
<davebut> somewhat yes
<WolfBlitz2> unless the author deleted it
<WolfBlitz2> basically
<RVS_Anonymous> I think
<davebut> I knew about innactive authors losing all their stuff but damn
<RVS_Anonymous> that if there's the option for the author to delete it
<RVS_Anonymous> I think the system deletes it eventually
<RVS_Anonymous> because it happened to me
<RVS_Anonymous> back then
<davebut> yeah i saw you had an account but no flash
<WolfBlitz2> aw... back in the day...
<RVS_Anonymous> I got the rest of it deleted
<davebut> which was a little confusing
<WolfBlitz2> we had no internet we had books!
<RVS_Anonymous> thanks to queers of war indicent
<WolfBlitz2> and not the laptop kind!
<WolfBlitz2> sorry bad joke
<RVS_Anonymous> (incident)
<RVS_Anonymous> no problem
<WolfBlitz2> Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?
<RVS_Anonymous> because you touch urself
<WolfBlitz2> Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?
<RVS_Anonymous> abbv.
<RVS_Anonymous> frontpage should be irrelevant
<WolfBlitz2> Why is it in a film if you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you bump into will know all the steps.
<RVS_Anonymous> hah
<RVS_Anonymous> but yeah
<RVS_Anonymous> times must be tough on ng
<davebut> Hell on earth
<RVS_Anonymous> it'll only get worse mi amigo
<RVS_Anonymous> well think about it this way
<RVS_Anonymous> who submits now
<RVS_Anonymous> people who spam the portal a lot more than usual it seems
<davebut> New people an spammers
<RVS_Anonymous> so yea its up to them and the elites
<davebut> tru
<davebut> to keep it alive really
<RVS_Anonymous> the top elites will stay because of sponsorships and getting paid
<RVS_Anonymous> if the spammers leave or get bored
<RVS_Anonymous> that'll be it
<RVS_Anonymous> I'm thinking that maybe tom lowered the standards to get more movies through
<davebut> if the userbase leaves so will the spammers
<RVS_Anonymous> and the automatic killer system takes care of most of the spam
<RVS_Anonymous> if the spammers leave so does the userbase
<WolfBlitz2> are yousaying there could be an appocalypse on NG?
<davebut> ahhh i see a little paradigm
<davebut> without the points which keep ng statwhores here
<RVS_Anonymous> without you guys
<RVS_Anonymous> newgrounds is nothing
<davebut> there will bne no users
<davebut> without any spammers
<RVS_Anonymous> without annoying spammers, it'd be done for
<davebut> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> so tom's sponsoring the elites
<RVS_Anonymous> furthering pissing you guys off
<RVS_Anonymous> and eventually wanting to leave or get bored
<RVS_Anonymous> playing favorites, makes everyone else not want to play
<davebut> oh man this is juicy
<WolfBlitz2> that is why they are called oranges
<RVS_Anonymous> yes it is ironic that spammers are what keep up that site
<RVS_Anonymous> oranges? lol
<RVS_Anonymous> nice one
<davebut> we need more oranges in this conversation
<RVS_Anonymous> OJ
<WolfBlitz2> and limes
<RVS_Anonymous> mm
<RVS_Anonymous> u can see by that traffic graph
<RVS_Anonymous> that ng's traffic has been dropping
<WolfBlitz2> you could be one of those finacial people!
<WolfBlitz2> financial
<RVS_Anonymous> the portal's oversatured with too many artists, not enough viewers
<RVS_Anonymous> nah I'm just observational lol
<WolfBlitz2> your observations are interesting and funny in a way
<davebut> it seems to me there are plenty of viewers
<davebut> or at least more active users
<davebut> ^^
<davebut> people who are much more devoted to NG
<RVS_Anonymous> yep
<RVS_Anonymous> only the suckups
<RVS_Anonymous> a niche
<RVS_Anonymous> that gets smaller
<RVS_Anonymous> and smaller
<RVS_Anonymous> and smaller
<davebut> until oblivion
<RVS_Anonymous> or it could level out
<RVS_Anonymous> who knows
<WolfBlitz2> then smallest
<RVS_Anonymous> it depends on the viewers and artists
<WolfBlitz2> then nothing mor but dust
<RVS_Anonymous> there's tons of games on ng
<davebut> maybe there is some deformed future of NG
<WolfBlitz2> this is when NG need to do one of those publicity stunts
<RVS_Anonymous> but less people playing them
<RVS_Anonymous> like what
<RVS_Anonymous> they tried everything
<RVS_Anonymous> giving money away literally
<davebut> Tom is going on a japanese game show
<WolfBlitz2> haha awesome
<RVS_Anonymous> he already did a show on G4 I think
<RVS_Anonymous> or was it tech tv
<WolfBlitz2> I hope it is takeshi's castle
<davebut> a long time ago though right?
<RVS_Anonymous> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> they aren't smart enough
<RVS_Anonymous> or motivated enough
<RVS_Anonymous> to do something bigger
<RVS_Anonymous> tom contracts coders
<WolfBlitz2> knowing japanese games shows tom would be really stuffed
<RVS_Anonymous> they haven't even finished the goddamn chatroom
<RVS_Anonymous> hey irony
<WolfBlitz2> bruised and heaps of fractures
<RVS_Anonymous> rtil makes a chatroom quicker than newgrounds
<davebut> lmao
<WolfBlitz2> true!
<davebut> It would be a shitty place like the BBS
<WolfBlitz2> wasn't rass' idea to make a chat thingy though?
<davebut> but easier to troll at first
<WolfBlitz2> ross?
<davebut> who cares
<davebut> its a shit idea
<RVS_Anonymous> I'm thinking that tom will keep pushing to keep artists
<RVS_Anonymous> to the point of "hiring" them
<WolfBlitz2> a shit idea that never happen
<RVS_Anonymous> he already sponsors shit
<davebut> "my dream job is to work for Newgrounds and draw dicks all day
<RVS_Anonymous> a fuckin decade
<WolfBlitz2> then it will become a whole page of just sponsoring
<RVS_Anonymous> they haven't changed a goddamn thing
<RVS_Anonymous> I say they're fuckin lucky they made it this far
<WolfBlitz2> NG should have ads for banks haha
<RVS_Anonymous> they gotta do something HUGE or the sites gonna fuckin tank
<davebut> woohoo
<davebut> We get to see Tom as a bum on the road
<RVS_Anonymous> I don't want it to, but hell you see the writting on the wall
<RVS_Anonymous> like fuckin Fulpageddon
<RVS_Anonymous> a parody posse shall battle original posse
<RVS_Anonymous> more and more pissed people
<davebut> Do you think he would sell the site and abandon it in its final days
<davebut> They already
<RVS_Anonymous> I don't know
<davebut> are
<WolfBlitz2> then both fulps be out of a job then
<RVS_Anonymous> tom makes games
<RVS_Anonymous> xbox live arcade one he just released
<RVS_Anonymous> made a lot
<RVS_Anonymous> he's fine
<davebut> Wade has a family
<davebut> lmao at his wife jokes
<RVS_Anonymous> the website, I think it'll continue to fall
<RVS_Anonymous> lower views until its just Tom and a few buddies
<davebut> NG may become an independant game company
<RVS_Anonymous> heck even the star syndicate ended
<RVS_Anonymous> kitty krew ended
<davebut> dear god I bet wonchop would stay
<davebut> KK was shit
<RVS_Anonymous> see that's why u notice the "celebrities" more
<RVS_Anonymous> cause that it is
<WolfBlitz2> if that does happen I owe you a coke
<davebut> no one cared enough
<RVS_Anonymous> yes but KK kept things going
<davebut> tru
<RVS_Anonymous> u neer noticed wonchop or others until recently
<RVS_Anonymous> used to be the anti-LF
<RVS_Anonymous> heck even rtil is a "celebrity" there
<RVS_Anonymous> there's less people to overthrow the other artists
<davebut> Even BFK doesnt care
<davebut> I think I agree with the chosing sides
<RVS_Anonymous> I say it'll end, a definite end is if rtil and/or the group of original artists decide to leave
<WolfBlitz2> this when we need successors
<davebut> its getting rid of big name spammers
<RVS_Anonymous> rtil carries a large group of people on his shoulders
<RVS_Anonymous> whether he likes to know that or not ;_
<davebut> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> ;)
<RVS_Anonymous> spammers made ng fun
<RVS_Anonymous> the fun spammers
<davebut> they still try
<RVS_Anonymous> like the foamy_27 one lol
<davebut> but its dying
<RVS_Anonymous> notice
<davebut> All of us know
<RVS_Anonymous> even the clock crew isn't submitting
<davebut> Spam is dying
<RVS_Anonymous> you feel it in your gut
<RVS_Anonymous> last clock day barely had enough
<RVS_Anonymous> I don't know what tom'll do in the last days
<RVS_Anonymous> but I do KNOW that what rtil decides to do will determine a huge loss
<davebut> If he decides to stay I doubt it would change much
<WolfBlitz2> may I ask you two something?
<davebut> but if he leaves
<davebut> sure
<WolfBlitz2> what is the time where you are?
<RVS_Anonymous> if rtil continues to not submit content, or stop submitting his opinion on the site
<RVS_Anonymous> and maybe just sticks here
<RVS_Anonymous> then that's a big hit
<davebut> 6 AM
<RVS_Anonymous> its.... 6AM
<WolfBlitz2> 8:55 pm here
<RVS_Anonymous> lol
<davebut> Big named artists drift away all the time
<davebut> you know the guy who did the grim reaper series
<RVS_Anonymous> rtil's the only BIG veteran left
<RVS_Anonymous> outside veteran
<davebut> remember him saying he would leave ng?
<RVS_Anonymous> who's not part of tom's poss
<RVS_Anonymous> e
<RVS_Anonymous> rtil said that?
<davebut> tru
<RVS_Anonymous> when?
<davebut> no
<RVS_Anonymous> hm?
<davebut> I was making a ppoint with the other guy
<RVS_Anonymous> oh
<RVS_Anonymous> lol
<davebut> He still makes stuff but none of it is on NG
<RVS_Anonymous> yea I'm saying rtil is like the only top veteran who isn't in tom's posse
<davebut> yea
<RVS_Anonymous> if rtil LEAVES newgrounds
<RVS_Anonymous> then I will be on the edge of my seat
<davebut> Then NG will be ruled by the VG fans
<RVS_Anonymous> because the rest of the original artists like JAZZED and such will follow suit
<RVS_Anonymous> it will BE VG parodies basically
<RVS_Anonymous> the reason there's this "war" is because ng is chosing a side
<davebut> Maybe trols and spammers would grow from such a pile of shit
<RVS_Anonymous> its chosing vg parodies
<RVS_Anonymous> I'm saying they will
<RVS_Anonymous> if there's a proper flash/multimedia portal
<davebut> rebirth and a new hope
<RVS_Anonymous> I know it'll flood

Posted by DaVeB0T - October 7th, 2008

I care about NG lots
Yes I do

/* */
^^You are shit


Posted by DaVeB0T - October 6th, 2008

I feel as though I'm not worth living, or even being here. So I'm starving myself. I like feeling bad because feeling bad feels good (in some strange way, life isn't simple). I've believed in this saying I made up ages ago "You can't fight back at life, but you can fight in life" & that's exactly what I'm doing, hurting myself is hurting my friends & family. I'm not going to sleep tonight, I'm going to keep up this self mutilation I'm noticed as unwell & then eventually people will start to worry. I'm not bothered because some-one like me doesn't deserve food or luxuriation anyway.

I'll update on how I get on, fighting life.

Speaking of which... Maybe my penknife will come in handy at these times.

I'm punishing myself...

Posted by DaVeB0T - October 4th, 2008

I can pretty much submit anything and it will pass, because of the incredibly low standards on NG. Really the only challenge is to summon the effort to submit a one frame flash.

Anyways I am working a nice expirimental music video about the destruction of NG as a place for artists. I spent all my ranting mojo on Notorius' post, so here are the three things that have raped, killed, and left this site for dead:
Unorigionality, Selling Out, And Just Plain Retardation.


The portal has Fallen

Posted by DaVeB0T - October 1st, 2008

It was like grinding salt into my eyes.

In two days I plan to submit a few fake SMBZ episode 8's

I suggest all of you do the same.

In addition to the pain I am feeling Sean Joystick is griefing over having the death of his brother, THE REAL ALVIN-EARTHWORM, being made fun of. Whoever had the nerve to submit such an attrocity is a true bastard.

Also my internet crapped out for a day or two, but I am submitting them tonight.

Lmao I got portal banned for that shitty Jonbro Biography. Remember people, its ok to call people fags in reviews, PM's, BBS posts, and blog posts, but in the flash portal, that sort of conduct is just unacceptable.

Posted by DaVeB0T - September 30th, 2008

Happy birthday
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Posted by DaVeB0T - September 29th, 2008

Its probably tho funniest, creepiest, and most origional thing I have ever made so far. Have fun watching it, and please, please leave a review, I respond to all.


Actually I dont give a shit if you leave a review, this has no chance of getting underdog

Posted by DaVeB0T - September 26th, 2008

No my friends, he has become more than that, he is a beacon. A beacon of hope in our dim world. A glimpse of individualism in a society that prides itself on copying others.

Yes my friends, Mozz has ascended. Ascended to things greater and more important than any other individual here has ever become. He is someone we can look up to. When trodden by obscurity, we always know that Mozz is the one we can look up to. He is always looking after us.

So pay homage to the great icon that has let me believe again.

Mozz is not just a Lizard.

Posted by DaVeB0T - September 25th, 2008

So I can spam you with poorly drawn penises.

So far I've nearly been blocked by K0mat0se, had gay sex with LLL and chemicalvengeance, and met a stupid 12 year old. OH THE POSSIBILITIES.

Let me do our conversation more justice. A "man gets on MSN, and Immeadiately tells me he is 12 years old. I fly into crappy dicks, sporadically copy pasting rants like "LISTEN FAG MAYBE U SHOULD STFU AND GO HOME CRY THEN ASK UR MOM TO FUCK U BUT SHE SAYA HELL NO. CAUSE SHE THINK UR FUCKING GAY. LIKE THE TIMNE U TRIED RUNING AWAY FROM HOME WITH A SACK AND THEN SOMEONE STOLE IT THEN U SAY HEY HE STOL MY SACK THEN UR FRIEND FINDS U AND SAYAS I KNEW U WERE GAY. SOMEDAY U WILL MARRY THE FATTEST GAY GUY I THE WORLD. ALSO U MIGHT ASK UR DAD TO FUCK U AND HE WILLL. HE WILL RAPE U AT NIGHT. SO MAYBE U SHOULD LEARN TO BE GAY YEAH YEAH U WOULD LIKE THAT WON'Y U. U"LL BEe SUCKING UT UP AND DOWN. U WILL TRY TO ASK A GIRL OUT AND U'LL GUCKING GET SLAPPED ACROSSSED THE FITE WHICH IS BEING BITCH SLAPPED NOW THE THE FUCK UP. SO MIND OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS OK MAN WHORE< GO SUCK DICKS AND I"LL ASK A PIMP TO PAY U MAN WHORE", "YOU WANNA FUCK WITH ME BITCH IM 14 LIFT 250 POUNDS AND CAN KICK YOUR ASS YOU DON'T FUCK WITH THE BEST I KICK YOUR ASS NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY YOUR 5 YOU HAVE NO LIFE AND CAN'T SAY SHIT YOU KNOW WHY? CUZ YOUR MY BITCH YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT YOU SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE WHORE FUCK BAG IT DOESN'", and "that is the stupidest thing ever made that is racist and stupid he even puller his fricken dick in two. you sir are a stupid dumbshit who doesnt deserve a dick. unless you are a girl then you dont desrve your pussy. please go replace your pancreas with a bowling ball and skydive into into man-eating animal infested waters wherin you survive without a dick without a schfincter without an ear or even your nutsack or thread a needle with a string dipper in saltwater thru your balls then put the same exact string in your eyeball where it will mold and cause you to go blind. so then you will need a seeing eyedog named butch who will chew on your infected nutsack every day for the rest of your life. then he will die xausing you to cry out of your blind eyes and you will be left helpless crying for your dead ball chewing dog in the street while you are mowed down by a guy in a powder blue prius and live in pain for exacly 666 minutes before you die finally exiling you to hell. THEN (no i am NOT done) satans minions will chew out your kidneys and stuff them in your ass that doesnt have a shfincter then when you talk you will sound like al kheida and be pelted with rocks everywhere you go until you are hated enough to be let into the tenth chamber of hell where your immortal soul will burn for tens of hundreds of thousands of centuries without any shit breaks."

The pinacle of this conversation was when he would keep asking me "do you really type that fast?" despite having copy pasted the samne thing over and over again. It all came to a close when I linked him to minigirlz.biz

Also I watched Powerstar 4 and decided to pixel theory it. Don't expect it anytime soon because me and zeebmork are working on something, but when that is done, you can expect it. SUCK MA DICK TOADIES!!!!